An Interactive Fiction Archive Mirror

"You are in a large square room with tall ceilings. On the south wall is an enormous mirror which fills the entire wall. There are exits on the other three sides of the room."
-- Zork 1

The IF-Archive Mirror at is actually a random redirection to one of the HTTP mirrors listed below. (More precisely, from this subset.) Hopefully this will help balance our load.

Other Mirrors

If you don't want randomness, you can select a mirror by hand. Here are the many sources by which you can access the IF Archive:

New to IF?

Unsure how to get started in the world of text adventures? Try these web sites:

To Submit Files

Files may be submitted through a web form, or by FTP to the directory . See the IF Archive README for more information.


The IF Archive is maintained by David Kinder and Stephen Granade, with technical assistance from Goob and Zarf.

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